Cat Furniture: a Must for the Home

30/05/2012 10:25


As a pet parent, it is important to provide the cat with a space all his own, adequate and comfortable, aside from a designated feeding area as well.

The solution? Place  cat furniture  in planned and designated areas in the home for the cat. If this is not done, the cat will simply use your furniture for sleeping, for grooming, for playing, and relaxing. This will create unnecessary strain in your daily lives. How many times have we experienced our need to sit in our favorite chair only to find out that the cat has already claimed the spot, forcing you to take the next best spot? A specially designed area for the cat, keeping in mind the size, breed, and specific needs of the pet would give both of you freedom, comfort, and flexibility. And your cat litter box furniture and will largely be left alone and pet - free. Have a look at for some inspiration.

Training your cat to use specific areas of the house is better for you, the pet parent, and the pet, since it keeps the pet in areas that are comfortable for them, with less chance of items getting broken, and easy to clean. It keeps the pet from roving around formal areas. By training the cat to live in a specific area in the house, a space you have decided on, gives your pet his personal space and steers him away from designated pet parent areas.

Children have their own designated spaces in the home for the same reason. Children's play areas are designed to suit the children's heights, their needs, and their abilities to make life easier for their parents. This makes life easier for everyone involved. It is the same thing with cats, they are not an exception. As a pet parent, you can benefit from the tactic and you will feel better knowing that the cat is comfortable, secure, and has his own place while you maintain your own space in the important areas of the house.

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